SketchBook Motion App Reviews

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Not good

It is not good there should be more tutorial videos and VERY BAD motions the only one I like is the bee line


I expected more. Not impressed.

It’s ok

I was hoping it would have some of the tools in autodesk sketchbook because I wanted to bring of the drawing I did there and bring them to life. Some of the tools like merging the layers and a color wheel.

Love this wish for full HD export

Love this wish for full HD export, fun and easy to use!

Please allow export of original file ;-;

Please allow us to export the ORIGINAL FILE for our animations! Please ;-; Also please make a folder in the Files App


It looks like a good app, but every time I try to draw something, it crashes.

Almost Perfect!

Would be perfect if there was the ability to parent layers!

$30/month subscription?

The App: Fun, very easy to learn and use thanks to a good tutorial and a non-cluttered UI. Great job on this one. Thumbs up! The Rest: I bought the first sketchbook apps way back. I bought the current version via in-app purchase. I don’t have a Mac. And besides, I wouldn’t use it on desktop, hence no need for any cloud or sync. That leaves this app left in the subscription p. I can absolutely pay 30 bucks for this app, but not as a subscription fee. So please do consider making this app available with a one time purchase. Make it a separate app perhaps and, after x number of updates the customer needs to either stay on the current version or pay for the new version. All these subscriptions every dev in the photo community implements today, they mean more monthly bills to keep track of. I got enough of those as it is. Creating an alternative for those that simply can’t do with all the subscriptions, for various reasons, would be great to see.


Exactly what I needed!!!

Awesome except...

I have been searching relentlessly for a descent animating app to bring and give my characters life sorta. This is very good with good animating techniques and controls but I can’t drag and drop any of my pictures I would like to animate from Sketchbook. That is my only problem cause I was able to drag and drop my first picture I wanted and animate it but when I tried to drag and drop another pic from the same files, it wouldn’t work and it would just fade into nothing. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but any help would be great. This is a very good app and I recommend it for the other beginning animators searching for an animation app.

Can it be available for iphone

Pls Is there anyway this app could be available for iphone it would be greatly appreciated


This isn’t like most animation apps or even like animations at all You should have frames


I would give it a five star if the app wasn't ALWAYS crashing. And I loose all my hard work, frankly I don't understand why people are hating the app. The tutorial is very helpful. It's easy too use. But maybe add some more features. There's any a few more tools. I like it anyway.

Not professional

You cannot export to high definition. I don’t know who this is supposed to be for.

Seems buggy with iOS 11.

Impressed using it in iOS 10 but now crashes when I try to record my animations as video.


I think it’s really good, even though there are limitations on backgrounds and animation behaviors. There are a few tools missing, like fill and airbrush eraser. Overall, great app with potential.



This for motion graphics.

This is not for frame by frame animation. It is a very very very basic motion graphics app. I can't find anything good to sat about it. It's just so...odd. I just want to do frame by frame animation.

The Worst App

I've never seen such a poorly executed app. The layout makes no sense, the animation capability is poor, and the tutorials are 0 help whatsoever.

It's a great and clean app, just not what I wanted.

Really would just love a simple frame by frame animation app with the sketchbook brushes. This has cool features, but nothing really useful for my goals. Just give me frames and onion skins and I'm happy.

Bugs fixed in latest update

Bugs fixed in latest update

Pretty good I guess.

When I saw this, it expected to be just like autodesk sketchbook, but I was wrong. I would LOVE this app much more if It was just like sketchbook(with all the different tools and stuff) and you could make stuff move like you can in Motion. The LEAST the developers could do is make us users able to export a drawing from sketchbook pro into Motion. That would a super cool and easy way to make your drawing from sketchbook pro come to life! Okay, I do like the different animations(beeline, rain and grow) but it would make the app a lot better and easier to use if they added more.

Stopping at Tutorial

I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with it stopping at the tutorial. I actually enjoy this program very much, but my iPad Mini is too decrepit to run it anymore and I guess it's not working on iPad Pro 10.5 yet.. Will come and change my review once it works...

Can't get past tutorial

Finish tutorial and you see a screen that has "Start now" at the top and then "or see how these examples were created:" at the bottom. Tapping on start now, or any of the sample animations does nothing. In fact tapping anywhere does nothing. Kill app and restart and you are forced back into tutorial with the same end result. App is unusuable for newcomers in this state.


Very cool but let's get some more algorithms, let's also add gif import.


Why paying just to save an animation, the most irrelevant things I've ever heard. I thought I was gonna have an opportunity to animate better. But no, it had to be this. Otherwise this is the most crappy app I've ever seen.

Nice set of tools. Needs Animated GIF import support.

Nice tools to make some really nice path driven motions. However it would be a killer app if one was able to import and utilize Animated GIFs or sequenced images. Thanks for making this app free—that's mighty generous of Autodesk and I appreciate that!

I don't understand the hate

I got so happy when I went to my AppStore and found sketchbook motion as one of the best apps of 2016. I love sketchbook itself so I knew I'd love this one. I'm not really the animator type but I gave it a spin and it was awesome and perfect. So when I seen the reviews today it makes no sense. How can this wonderful app get so much hate. Majority say it's glitchy but it works perfectly fine for me. I truly don't understand the problem.

great app, pro needs more

Good app for making gifs but there are a lot of options that limit creativity. Pro and trial are exaclty the same except you can make more than 3 gifs. Pro should include: 1, you can’t set it to a tansparent background 2, there is only one canvas size, it should be customizable 3, FPS and file size should be more adjustable


I was so excited about this because I LOVE the sketchbook apps but then when I start trying to draw on the frame it immediately closes the app. :((( please make this useable. The concept is amazing and I love these apps but I can't use this one. Huge disappointment. 😢


I mean I'm just a beginner this helps

2016 App of the Year? Can't be!

SketchBook Motion is being touted as the 2016 App of the Year. I just downloaded it because of 50% savings ($15 per year). Tried it and very disappointed. I'm also not a fan of rent-ware software anyway. My first experiment was to make a scene with a rocket to blast off the into the sky and land. It was ridiculous that the nose of the rocket always face up. If I added rotation, the rocket was swinging like a monkey on a tree. Not worth $4.99 per month! Or worth $29.99 per year! No way! Animation features or extremely limited to Pathway, Pivot, or Mask.


I'm a fan of their sketch book pro app, however, you can't really animate with that app. Which is why I was so excited to get this app here. I was really disappointed with the fact that you don't use fps?! It's cool that you can make your art move, however, that's not particularly what I, and probably most others, wanted. I was also expecting it to be just like their sketch book pro app, however this is more limited.

On the right track

I have a design project that I like to work on while I travel. Unfortunately the animation options are limiting. Eg I cannot animate opacity of a layer without also making the layer move or rotate. I might be willing to pay for this app if there weren't 3 animation options being shoved down my throat.


It is pretty fun to animate but it is very meh

Too limited for price

Fun and easy to use animation, however the limited tools and lack of customized brushes etc. do not come close to justifying a hefty annual subscription fee. Add the features of a program like ArtRage to this, and then you would have a solid 5 star app that I would be more likely to pay for.

what a joke

no where near the value of the cost... and why is this in the best of 2016? look at the reviews!!!

Yay, Capitalism!

Great app. I'm sure future iterations will introduce the fine tuning that occurs with software development and release. My review is my honest feedback. But Mr.Caliente! is the main reason I'm writing. His ramblings were are hilarious and made my day: "dark hearts of AutoDesk"? "Subscription-based product use" lead to Donald Trump's victory as OUR president? Mr.Caliente! needs to stuff more tinfoil into his helmet because it seems some of the federal government's mind-control beams are reaching his brain. I'm guessing that Mr.Caliente! is a millennial—he's clearly demonstrating the entitlement mindset of that very unemployable generation. At least they'll be our next generation of food service employees. Millennials clearly don't understand the nature of economics. Hipsters will very soon not be able to have free everything-they-want or $0.99 computer software. The entitlement generation's hubris will ensure that their future includes the phrase "Welcome to Chili's. I'll be your server today. Can I start you out with something to drink?" Subscription based fees are here to stay, sweetheart. Millennials want to buy a car, then drive to the dealership every 6 months and get a brand new car for free because the newer model has upgrades their car does not. Welcome to reality, babyducks: rapid iteration of software development means A PRODUCT HAS AN ORGANIC LIFE CYCLE. Evernote, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft, AutoDesk are some of the big players leading the pack. And if you pay attention beyond checking your Facebook, you'll notice those subscription models ARE NOT GOING AWAY. Hipsters philosophy of "I-paid-once-and-I-want-ALL-of-your-future-work-to-be-given-to-me-for-free" is withering away like barack's healthcare plan will soon be doing. Every time another software subscription plan is introduced, a hipster's beard stops growing. Millennials are currently earning LESS than their parents did! Just keep practicing—"Welcome to Red Lobster, may I start you out with some appetizers or drinks?"


It's amazing how this got in the top ten best apps of the year. Did Apple hire kids and thought it was fun when the app crashed every time you tried to use this? I will be deleting this app if I don't find a way to fix this.

Purhase only...

Firstly, there is small amount of effects, consequently, there is a little space for art. Secondly, if you could do something, how would you save it? What a question! I'm very disappointed.

nice graphics app

best app for ipad

#1 App in the world of 2016

This app is good art and sketches with any one in the world That 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 zillion stars

Subscription based? #fail

Make it free or charge. Not a subscription


I love ❤️ this app but, the thing that I hate, is that you can only make three drawings! I just hate that sooooooo much! I will re-review when it gets fixed so, yeah. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

Wake Up!! Wake Up!! Wake Up!!

When are people going to finally WAKE UP!!! The people are tired of Governments and Capitalism run amok. I am All-In for making an HONEST Profit as long as how you treat your customers, with Honor and Respect, is the most important objective in your business model. How many Governments and Companies have cut their own throats because of this very issue? In our own past, the very reason that this great country even exists, was due to this very issue of the mis-treatment, with contempt and derision and abuse, by Britain of what was its own citizens. Wake Up!! The people are tired of Companies and our own Government putting their interests ahead of the people's interests. Do they not realize that they are literally BITING the Hand that Feeds Them?!?! Wake Up!! Do you not realize that it is exactly this kind of behavior that got Donald Trump elected? What truly surprises me the most is that NONE OF THEM seems to have ANY common sense to see what they are doing, and what they are risking by continuing to show people that they care NOTHING about those that pay for their company to exist. They will instead, at every turn, try to milk you of every cent they can in every greedy and immoral way their dark hearts can imagine and dream up. They place the value of a dollar as greater than the value of their human customer, who they consistently treat as ignorant and too stupid to realize what they are doing to them. Yes, they try to confuse you by arguing that they do many good charity works in order to try and paint a good picture of themselves, but if you believe that line, you truly are the type of brain dead customer they believe we all are. The ONLY reason any of these companies do charity work is for the TAX WRITE-OFF!! To line their pockets with even more Money! Period!! Not out of the generosity of their Black Little Hearts!! I say again, Please, Wake Up!! You are all walking to the edge of a very high cliff that the masses are going to rise up and push you off of!!! WAKE UP!!!!


Awful layout, and extremely limited tools. If you're looking for a good art app, I recommend ArtStudio.

App of the year??? Beware of subscription requirement

Apple must be getting a kickback. This app is a subscription model and will not allow you to save any work until you pay. AVOID.

Apple Monetizes "Best App" Award Yet Again

Apple has always run its App Store as "Fake News." Is it any surprise that this latest winner of App of the Year is subscription only? The App community of purchasers is tapped out from pay-to-play apps, to subscription only apps. People want to pay one time. No renewals. No subscriptions. I cannot even tell if this is a good app since I cannot even save my work without paying the subscription fee. Nice one, Apple. Yet another scam onto which people are finally recognizing. I smell a major stock sell-off coming soon due to people rising up and rallying against the misinformation from Apple.

No Subscription

Looks like an ok app but no way on the subscription.

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